Welcoming Emma to our “Wild Neighborhood!”

Welcoming Emma to our “Wild Neighborhood!”

Emma just arrived in Wyoming last week and she is thrilled to join the Alliance for the summer! She has lived in Minnesota her entire life and grew up frolicking in the prairie, forest, and along the Mississippi. Her annual visits to Northeastern MN and the Boundary Waters exposed her to the wonders of wilderness, which fueled her passion for the environment. While she loves MN, she is delighted to spend a summer in the mountains.

Emma is a rising junior at Carleton College in MN and is studying economics, with an emphasis on environmental economics. At Carleton, she enjoys spending her time working for the Sustainability Office, running in the Arboretum, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

For the next two months, Emma will be focused on the Wild Neighborhoods campaign. She is looking forward to becoming much more aware of bear and wildfire conflicts in the area and helping propose feasible and sustainable solutions. Additionally, she will help with the Wildlife Crossings campaign and take any opportunities she can get to learn about and help with other branches of the Alliance!

After this summer, Emma will spend four months studying sustainability in Freiburg, Germany, and then she will return to Carleton. Once she ventures into the world with a college degree, Emma is eager to impact the way society values our natural environment.

Emma is ecstatic to live in Wilson for the summer and treasures her daily bike ride into Jackson. When she’s not biking or working, you can probably find her running, hiking, reading in a hammock, or enjoying some raspberries.

Fun fact: Prior to college, Emma spent most of her free time figure skating. While she has retired from competition, she enjoys teaching kids, college students, and adults and is always elated to chat about figure skating!

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
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