First Grizzly Bear of 2023 Spotted in Yellowstone

First Grizzly Bear of 2023 Spotted in Yellowstone

Grizzlies are awake, and we need to be too! 

On March 7th, the first grizzly of 2023 was spotted in Yellowstone National Park.  As the grizzlies emerge from hibernation over the next weeks we need to keep in mind our wild neighbors and new Town and County bear regulations that went into effect on July 1st, 2022 (The Town of Jackson will implement similar regulations within a Bear Conflict Zone at the Town’s perimeter starting April 1, 2023):  

  • Trash containers and dumpsters anywhere in Teton County are required to be Bear-Resistant (IGBC approved, inside of the Town of Jackson). Get a Bear-Resistant trash can here 
  • Feeding of wildlife is prohibited and bird feeders need to be unavailable to wildlife at all times of year.   
  • All attractants must be unavailable to wildlife (livestock feed, apiaries, chicken coops, compost, etc.). A resource for using electric fencing for controlling bears or other predators is here.  
  • Ornamental fruit bearing trees and shrubs, like crabapples, are prohibited. Existing ornamental, non-native fruit trees shall be managed by harvesting ripe and fallen fruit or fencing to prevent wildlife access. A local company, Farmstead Cider, is producing cider from local crab apples, and will assist community members by harvesting their crabapples.  

The Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance has been working for over 40 years to help humans coexist with our wild neighbors.  Please share your opinions and ideas concerning grizzlies or other wildlife or conservation issue with Conservation Director Kevin Krasnow at Kevin@jhalliance.org  

Thank you for your partnership in conserving the wildlife, wild places, and community character of Jackson Hole! 

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