Make Your Voice Heard!

Make Your Voice Heard!

Teton County is requesting public comment on the development at the Greater Stilson Site.  See project components and issues here.

KEY ISSUE – The planned wildlife corridors are insufficient – they are too narrow.   Wyoming Game and Fish has stated that 600-foot wide (200-meter) wildlife movement corridors are necessary to ensure the success of the wildlife underpasses at Stilson.  WGFD further states that the 140-foot width of the planned corridor “will not provide sufficient habitat and space for moose and elk to move through…”  See an excerpt from their June 25, 2023, letter to the Teton County Planning Department below. You can read the full letter here.

In a misleading statement in their November 2023 Stilson Open House announcement, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort implies that WYGF has endorsed much narrower wildlife corridors.  The language from the announcement is below. 

This is a crucial wildlife habitat and travel corridor that needs special consideration – let’s not let this project be green-washed, what the Resort is proposing is too much and too intensive.  This area needs to be kept open and uses minimal to allow for wildlife passage.  

The survey is short and only takes about 10 minutes – let your voice be heard! 

Approved development at Stilson includes Teton Village overflow parking, Transit Center (part of a BUILD grant), wildlife underpasses and wildlife exclusion fencing.  Jackson Hole Mountain Resort dedicated part of Stilson to Teton County for a community park. This property could serve as a passive park and athletic fields are not a required part of the park. Additional development from what has been approved for transit and wildlife could be the tipping point for successful wildlife underpasses and corridors. 

Join the Alliance and promote open space and wildlife corridors at Stilson.   

Tips for Filling Out the Survey 

Teton County owned property – Promote! 

  • Passive park and/or dedicated conservation easement 
  • Maintenance of wildlife corridor is the priority 

JHMR owned property 

  • We strongly disagree with any additional development from what has already been proposed.   
  • We especially do not want to see traffic generating development at Stilson where traffic is already an issue. 

JHMR owned property encumbered with Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust Open Space Easement (TCSPT). 

  • The existing TCSPT easement is for open space protection in perpetuity.  The easement should not be amended.   

The Stilson survey can be found below: 




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