An Uncensored Vision for a
Community Living in Balance with Nature

An Uncensored Overview of AGENDA 22

AGENDA22_StickerSince 1979 the Alliance has effectively worked as a watchdog to keep Jackson Hole wild and beautiful. The results of our work are all around us, most of which are things we don’t see today. We’re proud of our accomplishments and committed to ferociously protecting the wildlife, wild places, and community character of this amazing place.
Now, we’re building on our tradition of protecting what makes this valley special and taking charge of our future by uniting our community around a shared vision of a better future and empowering the whole community to work together toward this vision.

At our Annual Meeting in January 2015 we launched AGENDA 22 – an uncensored vision of a better future for Jackson Hole and how we can make our community a national model of living in balance with nature. AGENDA 22 explains the challenges we face as a community, a positive vision of responding to these challenges, balanced solutions we can adopt to achieve this vision, stories of people working to make this vision reality, indicators we can use to measure our progress toward this vision, and tangible things you can do to help make it happen.

Click to Download & Read the Full Details of AGENDA 22 (Winter/Spring Newsletter 2015)

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