Wyoming Range: Protect our Legacy

Wyoming Range: Protect our Legacy

The Wyoming Range inspires awe, is home to bountiful and healthy populations of wildlife, and provides a stunning background for families as they camp, recreate, and make memories.

Ten years ago, the U.S. Forest Service consented to lease 40,000 acres along the eastern front of the range for oil and gas drilling and exploration. In response, citizens from all walks of life spoke out and came together. Local landowners, ranchers, outfitters, sportsmen, business owners, and conservation groups put aside their differences to focus on one common goal: safeguarding all that was special in the Wyoming Range from oil and gas development.

Some places are just too special to drill.

While the group of local citizens was successful in protecting much of the range temporarily, it is still not completely safe. We now have the opportunity to speak up and ensure it is protected in perpetuity. The Forest Service has released a draft analysis for its final decision about these 40,000 acres of oil and gas leases on the eastern slope of the Wyoming Range and identified “No Leasing” as their preferred alternative. We now must speak up in order to ensure they follow through in the final decision, as a no leasing decision is the only one that will protect the Wyoming Range and protect our legacy. 

Please fill out the form below to stay up to date with this and other Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance issues. You will then be directed to a U.S. Forest Service page to formally submit your comments in support of a “No Leasing” decision. Please put “Support a no leasing decision” in the subject line and then tell your story about why you think the Forest Service should protect the Wyoming Range. 


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