Another week, another land grab bill

Another week, another land grab bill

A couple weeks ago, we asked you to stand in defense of our American public lands after two bills in the Wyoming State Legislature threatened state takeover and potentially eventual privatization of those lands. People across Wyoming, from hunters and anglers to mountain bikers and hikers to conservationists, wrote their state representatives in favor of keeping public lands in public hands and asked them to vote no on the bills. The outpouring of responses from across the state played a vital role in making sure those land grab bills did not advance.

Unfortunately, we need your help again. Two bills will be heard tomorrow afternoon in the U.S. House of Representative’s Natural Resources Committee that again aim to seize and privatize our American public lands. This time the targets are the National Forests that help define our valley.

H.R. 3650 would allow any state to seize up to 2 million acres of National Forest land within its borders.

HR 2316 would give states the ability to seize up to 4 million acres of National Forest lands and clearcut those lands if desired while circumventing essential protections for wildlife and the environment.

Join hundreds of your friends and neighbors and thousands of people across the United States by writing Representative Lummis today to let her know you oppose these bills.

Public lands define our valley and our quality of life in Wyoming. By speaking up today, we can ensure the special interest groups and extremists pushing their unpopular agenda to privatize our public lands to take away our access do not succeed.

Click here to write Representative Lummis today and help protect our American public lands.

For more background on this issue, click here and here.

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