Run with the Alliance!

Run with the Alliance!

Old Bill’s Fun Run is tomorrow, September 10. If you plan to run or walk on Saturday, meet us at booth 50 (at the intersection of Broadway and Center Streets) at 9:45 a.m., or stop by and say hi anytime! Even if you are unable to attend, consider supporting the Alliance through Old Bill’s to continue to encourage community members like Anya Tyson.

Anya graduated from the first round of the Conservation Leadership Institute and says the course helped her tell the sort of stories that move people to action. She’s been moving people to action in Jackson Hole since.

This summer, Anya delivered a mission to young outdoor leaders: “We can all take part in science to protect the landscapes we love.” Through a new citizen science partnership with the National Outdoor Leadership School and Teton Science School engineered by Anya, students learned about the threats facing the whitebark pine ecosystem and she encouraged the kids to take action. The students and instructors conducted over 50 surveys for the seed-dispersing Clark’s nutcracker, a bird crucial to whitebark pine’s survival, and Anya will use the experience to inform future partnerships.

You can listen to a radio interview Anya did about Clark’s Nutcracker with KHOL here.

To continue to encourage and support people like Anya, give to the Alliance now by clicking here.

Hope to see you this evening and on Saturday!

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