Protecting the Pieces: Leadership Development

Protecting the Pieces: Leadership Development

At the Alliance, we pride ourselves in amplifying the community’s voice. We are a membership, community values driven organization and rely on numerous and varied voices in the community to help shape and mold our vision.
While we have one of the most engaged and passionate communities in the country and we engage with community members in all our campaigns and policy decisions, a few years ago we realized many people, especially young people, didn’t quite know how to use their skills and passion to fight for a better Jackson Hole.

So, the next series of pieces to our conservation puzzle here in Jackson Hole focus on leadership development and supporting the passionate conservationists in our community by helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need to create a better future.

First, we started the Conservation Leadership Institute (CLI). With now over 120 graduates (read about the most recent here), this training course teaches individuals how to organize, advocate, and hold local decision-makers accountable.

“(CLI) is an incredible opportunity to gain such a focused understanding of how to become an advocate,” Aaron Hamby, a round 1 graduate, said of the program.

CLI alum have gone on to lobby for new town ordinances, serve as Executive Directors at prominent non-profits, and work on Alliance staff! CLI graduate Phoebe Stoner was even recently appointed to the Laramie Town Council.

In addition to leadership training, the Alliance also encourages new faces and voices to get involved in local government. This includes running for elected office, but equally as important, we work hard to encourage anyone interested in getting more involved to apply for Town and County board and commission vacancies.

In the last round of applications, Alliance friends and 5 CLI graduates applied for vacant board and commission positions. Ensuring conservation-minded folks have a voice at the table helps ensure good conservation outcomes for our community!

Finally, while we are proud of the work we are doing in Teton County to grow the leaders of tomorrow, so many conservation goals extend beyond our borders. That is why we are working to share our model with other communities around the state.

Consider a gift to the Alliance before the end of the year to help us reach our fundraising goals and fund programs like the Conservation Leadership Institute.
We appreciate you helping to protect the pieces of Jackson Hole.

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