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When you click Add Page Content, you have a variety of options in terms of the content you can add. Here we discuss the Header, List, Button and Horizontal Rules options. For information on the Content option, click here.

Adding Headers

When you choose to add a “Header” to your page content, you are given a couple of customization options in addition to a text field for your header text. These include size, color and the option to add a link.


You are given four choices in header sizes. Each option renders your header text at a different font size, with slightly different style. While Headers 2 – 4 have the same general style at different font sizes, the Header 5 option renders uppercase text

FYI: Headers 2, 3 & 4 all use the "Lato" font family and have a normal font weight (not bold, not light). Header 5, however, uses the "Montserrat" font family, and is rendered in bold, uppercase letters.

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5

You are also given the option to change the color of your header text to blue or dark green. If you do not choose a color (which we recommend you do sparingly) the header text defaults to a dark almost black color.

FYI: For visual consistency, we have tried to limit use of blue to headers set to Header 5.

Header 4 set to Blue

Header 4 set to Dark Green


Finally there is an option to link your header text. To do this, select the Link? checkbox. Enter the URL your header should link to in the toggled URL field.

This is a Header 4 that links to a funny cat video.

FYI: At this time, linked headers will be unaffected by a color setting.


When adding a List to your page, you are given a field for lead up text as well as a dropdown of List Types. There are three types of lists you can add: a list with arrows, a numbered list and a complex list. See each explained below.

Lead Up Text
List with Arrows

Once you have selected list with arrows, start adding items to your list by clicking "Add List Item". Expand the text box by dragging the bottom right corner of the field. This list will be unordered and display arrow icons to the left of content. Note that to bold or emphasize text, you will have to manually add strong and em tags. The same goes for linked text.

This is list lead up text.

  • Li Europan lingues.
  • Es membres del sam familie
  • Lor separat existentie es un
Numbered List
  1. Li Europan lingues.
  2. Es membres del sam familie
  3. Es membres del sam familie
Complex List

This list format was designed specifically for the sample workshop descriptions on the CLI page, however it can be flexible. Note that only two items can be added to a complex list at a time. To add more than 2, click "add page content" again, choose list and select complex. These are a little more complicated. Hence "complex"! These are basically a list within a list. So click add list item to add the first list item. Keep coin content short.

    Test Complex List Item Text
    Coin Text Here
    • Bold Text: Li Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie es un myth.
    • Bold Text 2: Li Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie es un myth.
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