Heli No!

Proposed Heli Flight Map

Proposed Wind River Air Heli Flight Map: Andy Edwards, Jackson Hole News & Guide


Invasive heli tours are buzzing our lands, wildlife, and people.

Tony Chambers of Wind River Air, LLC has been granted a permit for helicopter tours. While the proposal doesn’t involve flying over or within a half mile of the park (except during takeoff and landing), the route includes wilderness areas and popular recreation areas.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is. Twenty years ago, our community fought long and hard against allowing a similar operation from a different company. Our slogan then is the same as it is now: HELI NO.

The Alliance and the National Parks Conservation Association oppose this and any heli tour proposal in Jackson Hole.

(Note: we enthusiastically support Search & Rescue helicopters!)


What can I do?

Phone: (307) 733-9417
685 S. Cache St. PO Box 2728
Jackson, Wyoming 83001