Reporting Scenic Helicopter Tour Violations

Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA Hotline Program is generally concerned with collecting information regarding violations to flight regulations and safety standards. Contact the following numbers between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm (EST), Monday through Friday to report flight path violations, low flying aircraft, and safety concerns:  

(800) 255-1111, (800) 322-7873, or (866) 835-5322. 

This form is specifically concerned with low flying aircraft and will submit violations directly to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Click here for more information about what constitutes a low flying aircraft per FAA regulations. 

  1. Go to the FFA Stakeholder Feedback page. 
  1. Select “Denver – FSDO (NM-03)” in the “Flight Standards District Office” dropdown bar. (The Casper Flight Standards District Office, which governs Jackson Hole Airport, operates within the Denver Flight Standards District Office.) 
  1. Select “?” in the “Service Provided” dropdown bar. 
  1. Write or paste your observation in the “Comments” section. Be sure to include the date and location of the observation. If you are submitting this form first, don’t forget to copy your observation to use in the Alliance’s observation report form. 
  1. Press “Submit”. 

Thank you for sharing your observations. Recording observations of safety violations is key in demonstrating that scenic helicopter tours are incompatible with the values of our community and visitors. 

Please also submit your observation to us using the form below. Feel free to reuse your language from the previous form. 

Conservation Alliance Helicopter Reporting Form

*Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance enthusiastically supports the use of helicopters in search and rescue efforts.  

Contact Caroline, our Public Land Community Organizer, at caroline@jhalliance.org to learn about more ways you can engage with this issue or help with our campaign!  

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