Alliance Research Fund

Alliance Research Fund

About the Alliance Research Fund

At the Alliance, we believe that a community-wide conversation about the long-term consequences of our decisions based on facts and data will lead to better decision-making, allowing our valley to prosper without sacrificing the things we cherish most: our wildlife, wild places, and community character.

Yet all too often, we lack the information necessary to understand the impacts of different paths we could choose.

That’s why the Research Fund supports our work to collect, compile, and present facts and data that will help our community make better decisions for our future.

The Research Fund provides resources to meet time-sensitive, strategic challenges and opportunities not covered through our annual operating budget.

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Completed Research Fund Projects:

Jackson/Teton County Land Development Study The Alliance undertook this study to help support implementation of the 2012 Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan by providing needed data on which to base solid public policy decisions and to identify viable tools for achieving our community’s goal of shifting new development away from rural areas and wildlife habitat into complete neighborhoods. This study provides a wealth of facts and data and specific policy recommendations to help our community plan for a better future.

Public Opinions Research on Community ChallengesThe Alliance conducted two rounds of public opinion research regarding the community planning, wildlife, housing, and transportation challenges facing our community. The information collected through this research has helped our elected representatives make strategic decisions about addressing these issues.

Upcoming Research Fund Projects:

The primary project we have planned for the next year is our “State of Wildlife” project, a study examining the status of and threats to wildlife in Jackson Hole. In partnership with the Charture Institute we will produce a peer-reviewed and publicly available report that will lay the groundwork for our community to more strategically and effectively protect our wildlife.

Additional projects may include an analysis of how to most strategically protect critical wildlife habitat, additional research into policies that help shift new development from rural areas into complete neighborhoods, and training workshops, skill building, or bringing in experts to present or consult with the Alliance and our elected representatives to help develop balanced solutions that will create a better future for our community.

Funds will not be used for general operations expenses. Supporters of the Research Fund are asked to continue their annual operations contributions so we can continue our core programs. Research Fund donors will be provided with an annual report updating them how the funds were used each year.

To donate to the Research Fund, click here, and send an email to Development Director Carter Cox (carter@jhalliance.org) to note if you would like your donation allocated to the Research Fund.

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